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Herd Sires

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OHR Cooperstown 47R 37C - 43650370

Dakitch MDK Caretaker 51B - 43476433

Perks OHR 124W Bailout 3055 - 43406535

Dakitch MDK 104X Snapchat 104B - 43476564

OHR Red Eye 51R 24X - 43119452

OHR Red Eye 51R 24X at 5 years of age.

HVH Progress 4L 30S - 42691474

Extremely deep, heavy muscled, good footed, upheaded bull with big testicles and a great structure! Dam is grandam of Jensen’s popular Redeem bull that sold for $50,000. 30S is a proven calving ease sire with good performance and carcass traits. He is a breed improver for 12 of 16 categories and is in the top 10% or better for CED, Cow wt, IMF and all 4 $ Indexes. Also in the top 25% for BW, WW & Scrotal. We purchased this great sire from Curtis Polled Herefords where he was used on heifers and produced many top sons and wonderful daughters. We look for Progress to work well on the Kodiak daughters and continue the tradition of performance, carcass and maternal excellence at OHR!

OHR Duramax G10 4Y ET - 43224233

PHH 925 Country 112 - 43208196
OHR Extra Momentum 65W 32Y - 43221725

OHR KODIAK D467 75M - P42265072

75M is our senior herd sire, loaded with extra performance, super muscle thickness, full pigmentation and superior structure. His dam is a high volume, heavy milking donor with a 111 WWR on her calves. She has produced many high sellers and show champions. 75M is sired by The legendary Kodiak - trait leader for Ribeye, Marbling, Yearling Weight and Scrotal. Kodiak has also been recognized by the AHA as a Sire of Distinction and a Certified Hereford Beef Sire.
Possession Interest Available!

MRC JOHNNY CASH 524 - P42630344

Jonathon son from an excellent Gunner and Keynote bred cow who is a Dam of Distinction with a 107 WWR. 524 has extra muscle, depth, pigmentation and a wonderful mother. He is a breed improver for 12 of the 15 measurable traits. His first calves will arrive at OHR in spring of 2009.

OHR HARD RIGHT 10M 31R - P42584650

A big, high performance son of Momentum from our best young Kodiak daughter, 10M. Her first calf topped our 2005 bull sale selling to Prause Polled Herefords in Texas. Hard Right is her second calf. This year she is doing it again with super Governor bull calf.  Hard Right was our biggest bull at weaning, yearling, REA and scrotal. He is in the top ranks of the breed for weaning, yearling, milk & growth, scrotal, ribeye area and CHB index while remaining below breed average for birth weight. Hard Right was used naturally in our herd this spring.

HA MASTERPIECE M242 - P42311236

An excellent Governor son from a super Boomer daughter that is now a donor for Grandview Plantation. Masterpiece is well muscled with good volume, pigment, and very balanced EPDs. We leased this top young sire from our good friend Dr. William Isaacson, Park Rapids, MN.

MOHICAN PRIME UP 72P - P42474743

We purchased a breeding share in this great young sire from Rockin' W in their Spring 2006 sale. His mother topped the Mohican West sale in the fall of 2005 at $54,000 and his sire is the popular Mohican Mint bull. Prime Up is heavy muscled, deep sided, big boned and heavily pigmented. He offers us an outcross pedigree, super phenotype and balanced EPD profile. We used Prime Up on a few select cows and for some flushes.


VCR EAST KODIAK 506E - P23837068

AHA Spring 2006 EPD analysis recognizes Kodiak as a trait leader in 4 categories: weaning weight, yearling weight, ribeye and scrotal and puts him in the top 5% or better for WW, YW, SC, REA, BMI Index, BII Index and CHB Index. Kodiak is #20 on the AHA's Top 200 Sires list for BII Index. The combination of great ribeye and superior marbling make Kodiak very unique. Kodiak consistently sires extra thickness, performance, soundness of structure, pigment and great daughters! There are many great sons and grandsons of Kodiak working in herds worldwide. His daughters are very productive and easy to look at. We have never used a sire as consistent at producing a high percentage of top quality in both bulls and females. Kodiak bulls have been very well accepted by the commercial producer, averaging $3,125 in our 2004 sale and $3,025 in our 2005 sale. Kodiak does it all and more!

Semen: $25.00 — Certificates: $60.00

RANGELINE 19H CANYON 14M - P42308826

MOHICAN QUEST 26C - P23683816

Quest was the cornerstone of our program in the late 90's, providing us with super females, strong bulls, extra pigment, superior structure, and top performance. He was recognized for a number of years by the AHA as a trait leader for milk. If they had an EPD for pigment or eye appeal he would lead there also. The first calf born on our farm, Compass, posted a 790 lb. 205-day weight and went on to win many shows including the 1997 World Beef Expo. Quest himself won many championships, including the 1995 World Beef Expo and Reserve Senior Champion Bull at the American Royal. Many considered Quest's dam to be Mohican's best cow. Quest daughters are a big part of our herd today.

Semen: $25.00 — Certificates: $75.00

Canyon scanned a 17.2 ribeye area and tested homozygous positive for the marbling gene. Both of these are rare for a Hereford. He has superior muscle shape through his butt and top with good length, extra performance, full pigmentation, and wonderful structure. His mother is good uddered and very productive with a production WWR of 105. She traces to DeCorby's great 451T cow. His sire is known for producing calves with high quality and good carcass traits. Canyon heifers have topped the North Star Classic, our ND State Fall Sale, in 2004 and 2005 at $9,000 and $5,500. Canyon heifers were our #1 Marbling and #2 Ribeye sire group in 2005 carcass data. Spring 2006 EPDs have Canyon in the top 5% or better for WW, YW, SC, Fat, BII Index and CHB Index as well as top 10% for M&G and BMI Index. Also in the top 30% for REA.

Semen: $25.00 — Certificates: $60.00



RJH MOMENTUM H45 - P41028772

Momentum is a proven sire for calving ease, performance, and very productive daughters. In addition to his superior carcass data and excellent structure, Momentum is backed by an impressive pedigree full of excellent, proven performance Herefords, including No Limit and Boomer on the top and two of Rice's best cow lines together on the bottom. Momentum was a class winner at the 1999 National Polled Hereford Show. The daughters have posted an impressive 112 WWR on their calves in production. Momentum calves have averaged 77.3 lbs. at birth and then turned it on for a 108.4 ratio at weaning. One of his first calves, RJH New Dimension K40, was one of the most heavily used Polled Hereford AI sires in 2004. In the Spring 2006 EPDs, Momentum is better than breed average for 14 of the 15 measurable traits. He ranks in the top 1% of the breed for BW, WW, YW, M&G, CEM, REA and CHB Index. He's also in the top 5% for SC, Fat and BMI Index; top 7% for Milk and top 20% or better for CEZ and BII Indexes. He may be the only polled sire in the breed to be in the top 1% for both BW and REA at the same time.


OHR LMF CAESAR 78K - P42062255

Caesar offers a predictable combination of performance, muscle, calving ease, and high maternal genetics. He is fully pigmented and very sound structured. His sire is known for lower birth weights, muscle, and good milking daughters. His mother is a high volume, heavy milking dam that never misses. She was a show heifer and many times champion as a cow/calf for Lost Meadows where they have many good daughters in their herd. She carries a 119 WW ratio in production. Her last calf had a 205-day weight of 815 lbs. In the Spring 2006 EPDs, Caesar is in the top 5% for WW, YW, Milk and M&G as well as the top 20% for SC and CHB Index. Caesar is now a herd sire for Honey Creek Farms, IL

Semen: $25.00 — Certificates: $60.00


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