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Mohican Karen Z14
- P43293062

112 WWR! Embryos for sale by Commitment, Heavy Duty and Hometown 27A! Owned with DaKitch, MN

MPH 743 Fantasia X3
- P43130622

106.7 WWR. Dam 107 WWR! Mother of ABS sire Juice Box! Currently being flushed.

ANL 60D Banner Girl 1K
- P42874646

Many daughters in herd. Embryos for sale by Redeem, Progress and Hometown!

TH 605F 63N Primrose 508U ET - P42898496

109 WWR. Dam has 112 WWR!

TH 74U 719T Dominette 58X - P43101166

WCC 41W 1P Miss Tank 09Y - P43232041

LH Ms Princess 924 - P43030291

102 WWR

C&L DCC Catalina 71I 16T - P42829761

DOD. WWR 103.4. Two daughters in herd. Dam is a maternal sister to Online!

BNC 4L Diamond Lil 110N - P42962021

104 WWR. Embryos for sale by Rib Eye and Durango.

FJ Lady Valerie 47R - P42636221

DOD. Mother of Cooperstown!

OHR Revlon 71P 76U - P42931351

103 WWR

13Z daughter of 76U

125D daughter of 76U

101B son of 76U


Dam of 41R

OHR Nikita 88G 41R - P42584706

Mother of 86U. 102 WWR. Three daughters in herd.

OHR Revlon 41R 86U - P42931329

DOD. Daughter of 41R. Many daughters in herd. 113.4 WWR!

Hinterland Angel 47P - 42962022

Remitall Effie 38P - 42961973

GHF GA Girl P606 BE P96 R107 - 42661474

Harvie Miss Kolula 13K - 42362063

Remitall Sally 53M - 42961998

Remitall Sally 131K - 42780844
Dam of 53M

OHR Nikita 55H 40N - 42377165

Star MKS Belle SSF 117L - 42142848

MW Sunny 415E 1ET - 19527845

One daughter and many granddaughters in herd. Embryos by World Class for sale.


NJW 832W Faithful 79G - P24025435
Wrangler x Curious George
A big, productive daughter of the great Delivery Queen cow.

SSF Keysha 956 - P42050413
Keynote x 15G
Owned with Sladek Farms, Iowa City, IA. Flushes available. Last flush yielded 28 quality embryos. Powerful donor with lot of muscle, depth and volume from the great 8619 donor with over 50 progeny recorded.

Haroldson's Sarah 20X 22J - P42365120
Keynote x Raider
Super thick, high volume, easy doing daughter of the popular Keynote and from Haroldson's top cow family. A daughter was Reserve Champion at the 2003 Jr. Nationals. Flushes and embryos available!

Walker GF Ms H101 Z261 3105 - P42487782
Max x Butler 614R
Moderate, complete, nice uddered female
that will work well on our performance herd

OHR Nikita 69F 50P - P42480921
Kodiak x Quest
A powerful daughter of our carcass sire and from a Dam of Distinction.

SHF Lady 512 G10 ET - 24016252
Stockmaster 512 x Kinnaber Justn 7115J
Reserve National Champion Cow/Calf - 1999 American Royal. One daughter in herd by Momentum, 39S and one P606 daughter also, 46R.
Embryos for sale by Momentum and DAN 3008 Daniel 2E 3N. Flushes available on G10 starting April 2006.
*Owned with DAN Polled Herefords, Valley City, ND and Sladek Farms, Iowa City, IA.

OHR Questiva 16G - 24041760
Quest x JR 930K Landmark P200
Progeny WWR of 108.7.
Deceased. One daughter in herd by Kodiak, 51R.

Star T Bonita A6 68G - 24015262
Bond x Nick the Butler x S133
1997 Calf Champion at American Royal.
Kodiak daughter in herd also, 41R - Champion Female 2006 ND Winter Show.

Salunga Georgie Girl - 24032369
Will-Via Headline S133 x Rushmore son
Progeny WWR of 108.

NPH C41 Lady Magic F31 - 23925548
Big T 75A Omega C41 x MSU Magic 8739
Deceased. One daughter in herd by Quest, 30R.

OXH Ruby 6071 - 19601540
HH Advance 438D x OXH Andrew 8111
Progeny WWR 102. Mother is a Dam of Distinction. Embryos for sale by Quest. Flushes available and Beyond embryos for sale.

TA-Bar Don 411E - 42320256
Raider x Dynasty
Daughter in herd by Momentum, 101S.

JAK 218Y Rarity 406E - 23881428
McGyver x Knight Ryder x Stick
Progeny WWR of 106. Dam was Canadian National Champion.
Deceased. Canyon son 72R for sale. Kodiak daughter in herd, 19N.

ANL P183 Barbara 21B 50E - 24018533
Nick the Butler x Renegade x U81
Progeny WWR of 103.6.

CEO Victoria 8E - 23861290
TA-Bar One Time 076C x EO Vic J Ban 126L
Progeny WWR of 106.5. Dam of Distinction.

OHR Questiva 55H - 41072517
Quest x CWO 149M Powerline 5S
One daughter also in our herd.
Deceased. One Kodiak daughter, 40N and one Momentum daughter, 99R.

CEO Cheyenne 100H - 41072513
Quest x Voyageur son x Prophet
Progeny WWR of 102. 1999 World Beef Expo Heifer Calf Champion.
Deceased. Son by Genetic Blitz for sale.

Saddle-Valley 7C Jen 931H - 42038093
Federation x Steel
Progeny WWR of 103.
One Kodiak daughter in herd, 71P.

Saddle-Valley 7C Meg 896H - 42134131
Federation x Rushmore
Progeny WWR of 101.5.
Son by Momentum for sale, 92R.

Haroldson's 45H Christina 64L - 42232668
Nuff Said x Federation
Progeny WWR of 109.
Son of Momentum used on heifers this year, 78R, and 2006 heifer calf by Momentum in herd 63S.

Haroldson's Emma 45H 35L - 42232667
Nuff Said x Raider
Progeny WWR of 110.
2006 heifer calf by Momentum, 17S.

OHR Mattie 91F 10M - 42265054
Kodiak x Peterbilt
3/4 sister to 40K.
Progeny WWR of 116.
Mother of herd sire Hard Right - used in 2006. This year she has a bull by Governor.

OHR Nikita 69F 57N - 42377174
Kodiak x Quest
Mother is a Dam of Distinction.
Progeny WWR of 111.

OHR Scarlett 68N ET - 42398166
Kodiak x Butler
Dam has progeny WWR of 111. 2004 ND Winter Show Champion. Progeny WWR of 114.
Daughter in herd by Momentum, 67R and daughter in herd by Moler, 90S.

OHR Little Sister 82N - 42377187
Genetic Blitz 434V 0901 x WTK Slam 21N ET 52E
Dam has a 109.5 progeny WWR.

OXH Sigrid 9284 - 41144261
OXH Signature 7162 x F Spectre 143
Progeny WWR of 104.5.
Daughter in herd by Momentum, 106R.

OXH Lola 8255 - 41026155
OXH Advance 3007 x IH 805 Advance 3788
Progeny WWR of 106.5.
Daughter in herd by Momentum, 107R. Embryos for sale by Momentum.

Lake Ladonna 212L - P42176376
Kodiak x Enforcer 107H
Daughter by America, 31S, sells in North Star Classic sale, December 2.

RJH H45 Betty N71 - P42504284
Momentum x Basic
Grandmother is a Dam of Distinction.
Daughter for sale by Network. Embryos available from Prime Up & World Class.

OHR Bonita B02 85L - P42200657
Bond x Rebel
Mother of 53R - Grand Champion and top seller at 2005 North Star Classic.
Daughter in herd by Momentum, 86S.

Olson Hereford Ranch
Carl, Lindsay, Casey, Dru and Stetson Olson
16068 24th St. SE
Argusville, ND 58005
Carl: (701) 361-0684
Lindsay: (701) 388-5801